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Celebrating the Important People in our Lives


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  • Blurred museum wall with text that reads Museum From Home DIY
  • Family sitting grouped together, looking various digital devices
  • Childrens' portrait drawings, outlines, black and white line drawing

Gabrielle Clermont and Karly Boileau | May 19, 2021

#MuseumFromHome DIY is a new weekly series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you. Join us each week as we explore a new theme.

This week we are celebrating all the important people in our lives. Whether we are stuck together or stuck missing each other, we all have those people who are close to our hearts. Begin this week's exploration by virtually visiting one of the most famous museums in the world Petite Gallerie at The Louvre with their exhibition The Advent of the Artist, which includes many portraits by some of the greatest artists in history. Or delve into the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. You can view their collection or check out some of their virtual gallery rooms.

Next try your hand at making a portrait of yourself or someone you love with this tutorial that is suitable for even the youngest members of your household. Want to talk to your kids about inspirational people? Try this step-by-step video for drawing Martin Luther King Jr.

Don't miss our #MotivationMonday challenge posted each Monday on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. This week we are making or taking portrait pictures.

Bonus Content**

Take your learning further in this episode of How to Look at and Understand Great Art: Self-Portraits - How Artists See Themselves.

Photography more your thing? Try this class on Up-Close Portrait Photography, which is just one of the many portrait themed classes you can take on LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Pop some corn and watch this Oscar nominated documentary about the mysterious nanny, Vivian Maier, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and not discovered until decades later: Finding Vivian Maier.

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