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#MuseumFromHome DIY - The Floating World


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  • 2 abstract paintings showing blue, orange and green  by artist Fabio Gasbarri
  • installation image of Fabio Gasbarri's The Floating World

Gabrielle Clermont | October 22, 2021

#MuseumFromHome DIY is a series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you. This time, we are exploring The Floating World, an exhibition by Fabio Gasbarri at our Preston Gallery until June 2021. Although you can't see the works in person right now, you can still be inspired by Fabio's incredible paintings, safely from home!

Fabio Gasbarri is an artist who lives in Cambridge, Ontario. He has been making art for almost 40 years.

His paintings are about water. At first, Fabio sat beside the Grand River and made many drawings of it in his sketchbook. He drew things he saw there, like the bridge that goes over the river and the birds that fly along the river's path.

Then he decided that he wanted to make paintings that showed many different things about water, all at once. He wanted to show how the sun glitters on the surface of the river, and how the waves and currents move. He wanted to paint the fish and plants that live below, too.

Instead of painting the Grand River exactly as he saw it, he used bright colours, shapes, and patterns to tell a story about water.

You can look at Fabio's paintings on our website. Use the following prompts to think about the artworks:

Look closely at the paintings. What do you see?
Can you name some of the colours and shapes? What do they make you think of?
How are the paintings different? How are they similar?

Try our online jigsaw puzzles of Fabio's paintings: Body of Water (level: easy); The Adriatic Sea (level: intermediate); Shallow Water (level: difficult).



Try making your very own Ocean In A Bottle with these step-by-step instructions!


Can you spy all of the items listed in this I Spy Game featuring Fabio's painting, All The Beasts of The Sea?


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