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  • Installation image of Is It The Sun Or The Asphalt All I See Is Bright Black

Karly Boileau | March 9, 2021

#MuseumFromHome DIY is a series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you with each post focusing on a new theme.

All of the resources in this post are inspired by the themes explored in the current Queen's Square exhibition, Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau's Is It The Sun Or The Asphalt All I See Is Bright Black.

About the exhibition

Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau are multi-disciplinary artists who live and work in Montreal, Quebec. They are interested in how objects that we put on our bodies, like medical devices, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and masks, change how we feel and behave. Their artwork is informed by Lum's experience with chronic illness and its impact on their collaboration. The exhibition includes a two-channel video projection and many different sculptures on the walls.

Arts and Crafts

Several of the objects in this exhibition are constructed using paper-mâché techniques. Try some of these crafts to learn more about the medium and what you can create with paper-mâché!

Another common element found in Lum and Desranleau's work is the use of bright and vibrant colours. Their use of colour is similar to a style of painting popular in the 1950s/1950s called colour field painting. Learn how to paint like the famous colour field painter, Mark Rothko with this video tutorial from MOMA.

Create fun, colourful 3D paper sculptures with this video tutorial.

Many different materials are used throughout the exhibition to create different textures. Some objects are bumpy, while others are shiny and look squishy. Experiment with different materials and textures with this easy 3-ingredient slime recipe and this easy play dough recipe.

Bonus Content
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Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary and radical artists of the 20th century. This excellent film, directed by Ella Hershon and Roberto Guerra for RM Arts and Channel 4, was made in 1983 as a celebration of her life. The trauma at the root of her art is sensitively explored over the course of the documentary. Using her journals, the film goes on to trace the last years of Kahlo's life, finding that as her health deteriorated her attachment to objects, ideals, and Rivera become only more intense.

Eve Hesse: The Life & Work of an American Sculptor Film Documentary
Eve Hesse (1936-1970) is one of America's foremost postwar artists. Her pioneering sculptures, using latex, fiberglass, and plastics, helped establish the post-minimalist movement. 'Eve Hesse' is the first feature-length documentary film of her life and work.

Gregory Crewdson: The Aesthetics of Repression
Gregory Crewdson is a leading figure in a major movement in photography, one that favours fantasy over realism and is often inspired by cinema...Astonishingly elaborate sets are the rule for most of the "incidents" he creates. These tableaux are often based on paintings by American artists, including Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell as well as scenes from well-known movies by directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg. 

Art21 Episode - Play
"Spontaneous, funny or subversive, play can take many forms. The artists in this episode - Jessica Stockholder, Ellen Gallagher, Arturo Herrera, and Oliver Herring - improvise games, draw inspiration from dance and music, and employ colour, pattern, and movement to induce delight. The hour concludes with an original piece of video art by Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler, a unique poetic meditation on the idea of play."

Art21 Episode - Change
Artists Ai Weiwei, El Anatsui and Catherine Opie bear witness, through their work, to transformation -- cultural, material and aesthetic -- and actively engage communities as collaborators and subject.

Robert Orchardson: endless façade - Exhibition Catalogue
This is the first solo publication on the work of British artist, Robert Orchardson, who makes sculptures inspired by science fiction and futuristic design. Using low-tech materials such as wood and resin, he is unashamedly nostalgic for modernist idealism, appropriating its forms and re-configuring these objects devoid of apparent function.

Contemporary paper-mâché by Gilat Nadivi.
Over 20 diverse step-by-step projects with an emphasis on recycling everyday materials.

Frida Kahlo by Luis-Martin Lozano
This book includes many photographs of Kahlo life alongside her extraordinary paintings and presents commentary by leading Mexican art historians.