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  • Artist Videos: SHOW.21 Emerging Artist Showcase

Cambridge Art Galleries Staff | March 17, 2022

In conjunction with the exhibition, SHOW.21 Emerging Artist Showcase, exhibiting artists discuss their practice and works in the videos below.

Olvia Brouwer, is a partially blind artist, she discusses how she translates the concept of blindness into a symbol in her work.
Anahí González discusses her artistic practice exploring alternative visual narratives related to Mexican migration & labour.
Lupita Guerrero discusses how her practice is rooted in the diasporic experience and the struggles of translation.
Brubey Hu discusses her painting process, & how the undetermined & ambiguous nature of her paintings hold personal narratives
Jackie Partridge, a mixed media artist based in Wellesley, Ontario, discusses how she works with paper and altered maps.
Lauren Prousky discusses her interest in materiality & her experiments with making materials work together or in opposition
Artist and designer Brenda Mabel Reid shares a tour of their studio, and discusses Soft Bricks and A Brick Amiss.
Racquel Rowe is a performance artist whose work explores the way history has shaped modern day depictions of Black women.
From her studio in Guelph, Ontario, interdisciplinary artist Ahmri Vandeborne discusses her practice and interest in printmaking