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Galt (Ont.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.

161 Wellington Street

Address: 161 Wellington St.

Owner: Name withheld

SignificanCe: This Ontario Style Cottage is believed to have been built in the 1870s. The style was popular in Cambridge and there are a number of examples scattered across the city. In this case the home was built of yellow brick with a rubblestone foundation. It has a symmetrical design with two large windows flanking the central doorway. There is a bull’s eye window in a gingerbread trimmed central gable above the front door. The front porch has also been elaborately trimmed with gingerbread woodwork.

156 Wellington Street

Address: 56 Wellington St.

Owner: Name withheld

Significance: This two storey painted stucco home is typical of the Gothic Revival style popular between the 1840s and 1870s. It features a large window in a central gable with decorative bargeboard trim at its peak. There is a porch with split posts and shallow roof across its front which protects the central entrance - which has a transom and sidelights. The home has not been designated, but is a classic, especially with its Christmas decorations.

96 Wentworth Avenue

Address: 96 Wentworth Ave.

Owners: Dian and John Bell

Significance: This elegant home overlooking Victoria Park was built for Hector Brown circa 1906. Brown was the first General Motors car dealer in Galt. It was also owned for more than 40 years by the Taylor family, which founded Dominion Tack & Nail Co.

24-28 Queen's Square

Address: 24 - 28 Queen's Square

Owners: Name withheld by request

Significance: Known as the "Doctor's House", this 2.5-storey brick home is built in the High Victorian and Italiantate styles. It was constructed in 1881 for Dr. George Sylvester who, with John Gourlay, pioneered hydro electricity in Galt for the first town street lights in 1886. Daughter, Mina Sylvester, was a friend to Mazo de la Roche, author of The White Oaks of Jalna. It was later owned by Dr. Albert Hawk, mayor of Galt in 1902.