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Galt (Ont.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.

31 Rich Avenue

Address: 31 Rich Ave.

Significance: This yellow brick one-and-a-half—storey residence located in east Galt has a number of characteristics that define its Gothic Revival architectural style. This architectural style was popular between 1840 and 1880. It has a steeply pitched roof with two front-facing gables and curvilinear vergeboard along the eaves of both gables. All windows feature brick voussoirs. The partial porch on the front elevation is a single storey supported by wood columns.

15-17 Salisbury Avenue

ADDRESS: 15-17 Salisbury

OWNER: Name withheld

SIGNIFICANCE: The Francis Black House was named after its first owner, Francis Black, in 1863. The home is considered significant because it is a well—preserved example of an Ontario Gothic stone cottage with many original details still present.