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Galt (Ont.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.

89 Salisbury Avenue

Address: 89 Salisbury Ave.

Owner: Name withheld

Significance: Constructed in the Georgian Revival style, this unique frame home was built in 1898. The style was popular from the 1890s to 1940s. This rendition features ornate moulding detail along the eaves, pilasters at each corner, elaborate detailing crowning the windows and a series of columns that surround the front door. This home hasn’t been designated, but is considered significant based on its architectural merits.

93 Salisbury Avenue

Address: 93 Salisbury Ave.

Owners: Gerald and Carol Ann Achtymichuk

Significance: This home is one of the hidden gems of west side Galt. Built between 1916 and 1918 for R.A. Briscoe, the local dry goods merchant founded the business that went on to become the Right House. Built in the Tudor Revival style, this 7,800 square-foot home has a boxy design with steeply pitched roofs, prominent gables and substantial chimneys. It is also distinguished by the heavy half-beams and stucco finish and the cast stone trim on the foundation and at window level.