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New year, new site, new directions.  After 35 years of active programming from Cambridge Galleries, we bring you our new brand... Idea Exchange. We hope the series of articles in this section will give you insight into what we do and why we do it.

Why We’re Here

Cambridge Galleries, now Idea Exchange has deep roots in the community and Waterloo region.  We are a medium size institution with an ambitious track record, presenting contemporary Canadian exhibitions of art, architecture and design with curatorial rigour for more than 35 years. ... Read More»


From the art world at large to the latest in local culture, a series of articles will introduce you to all the latest in art and design.  Browse through Our Voice to meet the staff and look behind the scenes.  Or take in the Art World News where we highlight what’s happening elsewhere.  You can also let us know what’s important to you and find out what others have to say in our Community Voice section.

Share your stories with us and we’ll publish them in Community Voice!  Tell us about your experiences with our exhibitions, classes and events, or let us know about your personal encounters with art, architecture and design in your community, or anywhere in the world. Simply fill out the submission form and we'll post your entry.

Newest Articles

Harvesting Ceremony. Photo by Vanessa Pejovic
Vanessa Pejovic | September 24, 2019
Reflections from the Harvesting Ceremony and Closing of Common Waters Last weekend, I was lucky enough to watch the moon rise, round and orange, in... Read More»
Artists, Activists, Academics. 2019 Photo by Vanessa Pejovic
Vanessa Pejovic | September 10, 2019
Last Wednesday, Masters students from the University of Waterloo’s Architecture program joined local artists and activists to share perspectives... Read More»

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