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Black woman with blond hair in a white shirt stands in front of a green background.
Gabrielle Clermont | August 24, 2021
Calling all high school students! This past year has been hard for everyone. Bridging GAAPS in partnership with Cambridge Art Galleries l Idea... Read More»
white text reads museum from home diy, background photo of purple butterfly on flower
Karly Boileau | April 21, 2021
#MuseumFromHome DIY is a series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you. In celebration of Earth Day on April 22 and... Read More»
white text reading hashtag museum from home diy, background photograph of a large blue, purple, green abstract painting on wall
Gabrielle Clermont | April 6, 2021
#MuseumFromHome DIY is a series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you. This time, we are exploring The Floating... Read More»
illustration of orange girl playing guitar and blue man drawing. Pink background
Shannon Markle | February 12, 2021
"I wish there was something I could just do!" We've all said that in the past year, haven't we? Wanted to 'just do' something to ease the stress,... Read More»
Close up shot of young woman hands knitting with red yarn
Marcie Bronson | February 3, 2021
Cambridge Art Galleries and Idea Exchange are honoured to support and host The Cambridge Poppy Project ( This is a... Read More»
purple, blue and pink background with title winter wellness a community collaborative zine.
Gabrielle Clermont and Karly Boileau | February 1, 2021
Need a little boost this winter? Check out our Winter Wellness zine. Packed full of content from our amazing volunteer team and designed by artist... Read More»
Text reads hashtag museum from home DIY
Karly Boileau | December 17, 2020
#MuseumFromHome DIY is a series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you with each post focusing on a new theme. All... Read More»
Alisa McRonald, Weaving Workshop
Gabrielle Clermont and Karly Boileau | November 10, 2020
During the Intuitive Weaving workshops with artist, Alisa McRonald, participants had the chance to learn several simple weaving techniques such as... Read More»
Spread Some Good Fortune
Gabrielle Clermont | September 25, 2020
"A wonderful memory, after a tasty meal from the local Chinese restaurant, the servers always brought me a cookie to complete the meal. This sweet... Read More»
Fibreworks 2020 Installation. Photo by Vanessa Pejovic
Vanessa Pejovic | September 18, 2020
If I were to sum up common strengths of the artists participating in Fibreworks 2020, my list would include: Incredible attention to detail. A deep... Read More»