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Close up image of Tectonic Surface mural on the Bread Factory building, Cambridge, ON
Stephanie Boutari, Artist | June 5, 2014
As a graduate student of architecture with a long-time passion for art, I knew it was just a matter of time until I would start painting murals. This... Read More»
Bloor Gladstone Library, Toronto, Completed 2009. Courtesy of RDH Architects.
Idea Exchange | May 6, 2014
Great news!  The City of Cambridge has selected RDH Architects as the architectural firm for the old Post Office Project.  Here’s an excerpt from the... Read More»
The Black Bridge Road Bridge. Photo credit: Region of Waterloo
Linda F. | April 1, 2014
Surely spring will come soon, with warm weather that makes you want to be outside and doing some exploring. Even if you haven’t got time to travel... Read More»
The Salon of Madame Aron by Édouard Vuillard
Meredith C. | February 19, 2014
A new federally funded pilot program is taking a look at paintings from six Canadian institutions (including the Royal Ontario Museum and the... Read More»
Gift #1. J. Lynn Campbell. 1993
Mary Misner | February 12, 2014
A special expanded edition of the annual Select Works exhibition has been created as the finale to the Cambridge Galleries IDEA | EXCHANGE’s 35th... Read More»
Red doors: the Entrance to the McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario
Jessica S. | February 12, 2014
Take a look at these red doors. Wonder what’s behind them? So did I.  Let’s step inside. These doors lead to the McIntosh Gallery, located on the... Read More»
Beacon. Lyn Carter
Idea Exchange | January 30, 2014
In 2012 Canadian Art Foundation released a great short film about Canadian artists working in textiles.  It was created by Canadian Art School which... Read More»
Image from the Patria Cycle. Photo: Peter Ross
Esther E. Shipman | January 21, 2014
Design = Everything. From the most banal object to the most sophisticated technology. Ideas, materials, processes, systems, things. Design impacts... Read More»
Photo of Main street bridge wrapped in colour knits: knit CamBRIDGE, September 2010
Joe L. | January 20, 2014
It was on Friday August 27 2004 that I first came the Cambridge Galleries as a member of the Press, it was the opening of  Fibreworks 2004 and I was... Read More»
Ryerson Student Centre, Toronto, Canada, currently under construction. Design by Snøhetta (2010), project architect Zeidler Partnership Architects.
Esther E. Shipman | January 17, 2014
Ryerson University has chosen to make a bold architectural statement with its new Student Learning Centre.  The building designed by international... Read More»