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35 years


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  • John and Mardi Neu at Cambridge Galleries' Volunteer Appreciation event.
    John and Mardi Neu at Cambridge Galleries' Volunteer Appreciation event.

John N. | July 5, 2013

35 years is a long time to delve into the memory banks of the brain but, in doing so one is confronted with memories that are both wonderful and sad.

Wonderful in having participated in the very first public meeting discussing the form and shape and vision of every participant’s expectation of the new venture into Art. It was an exciting time.

Wonderful in the shaping of the signature collection of Fibre Art dedicated to the textile industry unique to Cambridge. The many shows of fibre art presented by the Gallery were eye-opening indeed. Well received by the public, works from the collection can be seen early in the year in an annual exhibition.

Wonderful in the formation and operation of the Art Rental Service established by the late Jean Klaasen (an excellent artist), and the late Mardi Neu. This service, allowing rental of art from the Gallery’s Art Rental Collection, adorned the walls of many businesses and private homes in Cambridge. The rental income was well received by the Gallery.

Wonderful in noting the expansion of the Gallery to other locations in Cambridge, especially noteworthy is the Gallery expansion into the School of Architecture dedicated to exhibitions of architecture and design.

Wonderful in the knowledge of future expansion into the Old Post Office on Water Street in Galt overlooking the Grand River. This impressive building, built in 1885, and providing 8,000 square feet of space, shows great potential and will, no doubt, become a focal meeting place housing a particular collection of books and providing a dining area and lounge.

Wonderful in remembering the Directors of the Gallery during these 3 years; of special note is the present Director, Mary Misner, who, for many years has shown a steadfast dedication to the success of the Gallery, especially in outreach to the community. She is to be congratulated. Additionally, her staff are also dedicated, competent, and very friendly.

Sad due to the passing of Jean Klaasen and Mardi Neu, as well as others who played a huge role by volunteering in various capacities, contributing to the success of the Gallery.

It has been my privilege to serve the Gallery as a volunteer for 28 years, until my dear wife passed away. I also take great pleasure in commenting on the various shows which are presented for public viewing; and I own up to comments which may not be flattering but, that’s the way I see it.

Thank you for wonderful memories.