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Stock Sculptures at Preston by Stephen Cruise


Community Voice

  • Stock Sculpture
    Stock Sculpture, Preston Idea Exchange
  • Stock Sculpture
    Stock Sculpture, Preston Idea Exchange
  • Closeup of Stock Sculpture
    Closeup of Stock Sculpture, Preston Idea Exchange
  • Cambridge Coat of Arms
    City of Cambridge Crest, Courtesy of the City of Cambridge

Lina M. | September 26, 2014

Have you ever wandered by the courtyard at Idea Exchange Preston, looked at the sculptures and wondered what it all means and why is it there?  Well we can help with that!

The artist Stephen Cruise was born in Montreal and studied at the Ontario College of Art.  He has exhibited nationally and internationally since the early seventies. His work can be found in the streets of Toronto,  in many private collections, as well as the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

Cruise’s vision of “Stock” began as children’s wooden blocks stacked in the shape of a tree. Seven trees are found in the Cambridge’s coat of arms. So, seven sandstone tree towers with10-16 articulated book layers with sandblasted tree icons were then created for the courtyard. The trees are arranged in a pattern that loosely resembles the path of the Speed River as it defines the northwest boundaries of the community of Preston.  The placement encourages visitors to interact with the “trees” and follow the river’s path as they meander through the courtyard to the library’s entrance.

Have you looked carefully at the wonderful art we have on display outside the Preston Library? Do so now and know that it truly represents the community of Preston!   Enjoy and let us know what you think!