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Wanted: Stolen Lego Minifig


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  • Wanted Poster: Text - Stolen on 22th, 2011 by one of the spectators. A reward will be given to anyone who brings the lego back
  • Image from the Dictator is In Town show
  • Image from the Dictator is In Town show

Sayeh Sarfaraz | April 26, 2013

I recall that the Dictator is in Town show was visited by many groups of young students and the use of war toys and Lego Minifigs excited many of them. At one point I received a call from Iga informing me of unpleasant news: the Lego Minifigs got attacked! Not by a Mollah, not by a Bassidji (the islamic police), but by a student!!! A perpetrator had stolen a couple of Lego Minifigs... But Iga had a great idea, why not use this situation to our advantage and give us the opportunity to expand the reach of the show to public institutions (schools, the library, etc) in Cambridge. I loved the idea and, right away, I got to work by drawing a "Wanted" poster with a reward to any person that would provide us with information that would help us locate the missing Lego Minifigs! This poster was distributed around and was a great addition to the show.