ARCH 425: Team Dan Kiley

ooo o is 1 of 11 installations by Associate Professor Elise Shelley’s ARCH 425 students. ARCH 425 is a 4th year course at Waterloo Architecture that investigates the modern designed landscape in connection with nature, social issues, and environmentalism.

Location: rare Charitable Research Reserve, Site 13

Group Members:

1 Adamek Kimberley
2 Grin Reuben
3 Gu Jean
4 Katsios Anna
5 Zhao Jian Jay

ooo o Landscape/ Microclimate/ Axis/ WaterThe installation is integrated into both the landscape and the specific site systems present. The basis for the installation came from the presence of gardens and the necessity for water on the site. Over time, the pavilions will become more engrained into the site system of community gardens. As the gardeners learn the purpose and the use of the pavilions, they will be frequently used to provide water on the site. The semi-permanent nature of the installation means they can be adapted to the site as well. If the necessity for water becomes apparent on another part of the site, one or both of the pavilions can be moved in order to accommodate for changing conditions. 

Site Inspirations




Final Installation


Photographs Provided by the Artists Courtesy of Waterloo Architecture.

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