ARCH 425: Team Field Operations

Spiral Dready is 1 of 11 installations by Associate Professor Elise Shelley’s ARCH 425 students. ARCH 425 is a 4th year course at Waterloo Architecture that investigates the modern designed landscape in connection with nature, social issues, and environmentalism.

Location: rare Charitable Research Reserve, Site 14

Group Members:

1 Leon Daniela
2 Ng Andrew
3 O’Grady Connor
4 Sebaldt Daniel
5 Wei Ming Xia Harry

Spiral Dready

 The group was interested in a processed based design approach, using iterative techniques, patterns and methods at a detail scale of that of the hand and eye in order to generate a resulting mass field effect at the scale of a room and person. By using these processes, the installation would hopefully engage the visitor as he or she would enter and move through the space but also reveal a riner grain to the landscape which would go otherwise unnoticed if someone were only passing by. This aim to reveal more to the visitor as they engage with the installation, first walking through, then looking down and noticing an intricate framework emerging from the landscape and hopefully bring a larger appreciation and relationship with the person and the landscape that surrounds them.

Photographs Provided by the Artists Courtesy of Waterloo Architecture.

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