MINI GOLF – a social practice

H#1. Marcia Huyer and Robert Hengeveld, Untitled

H#2. Barr Gilmore, Preferred Lies

H#3. Amy Wong, Projections of Idealism

H#4. Steve deBruyn, Untitled

H#5. Jess Perlitz, Pipe Rainbow

H#6. Derek Liddington, The moment prior to the execution of Anthony Caro framed by the setting sun. Oh, how romantic.

H#7. Julie René de Cotret, Raccoon Mischief

H#8. Lee Goreas, Straight and Narrow

H#9. Vikki Dziuma, Untitled


1. CHANNELLED BURIED MOVED LOST by PLANT Architect Inc. (10 point walking tour starts on the north side of Main St. just east of Wellington)

2. LA LANTERNE by Vlan Paysages (northeast corner of Grand and Concession)

3. 3ByLAND exhibition at Design at Riverside, 7 Melville Street South

 Other Partner Projects

1. Cambridge Sculpture Garden – Gareth Lichty: Gabion Tower (just south of D@R on Grand)

2. Waterloo Architecture: Theory + Design in the Contemporary Landscape (Stantec Atrium, Waterloo Architecture 7 Melville Street South)

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