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Janet Rosenberg + Associates

THREAD as envisioned by Janet Rosenberg and the JRA Design Studio, embraces both history, and site, in the spirit of the rare Charitable Research Reserve and the original towns and villages of Cambridge, Ontario (Galt, Preston, Hespeler). The intervention takes inspiration from the community’s farming and industrial heritage by referencing the local grain fields and textile manufacturing industry that made the region famous. The installation’s mix of materials and the dramatic rural location come together in a dynamic immersive sculptural display.  The visitor can enter the installation and become enveloped in the flowing strips of fabric, imagining themselves in a sinuous wheat field shimmering in the sunlight, the wisps of wheat brushing their finger tips. Located at the rare Charitable Research Reserve’s historic Slit Barn and ECO Centre site, THREAD will attract travelers and locals as an unexpected piece of art along a country road.

Janet Rosenberg + Associates (JRA) is one of Canada’s most distinguished landscape architecture and urban design studios with decades of experience and an extensive portfolio of work that includes public, commercial, and institutional spaces as well as private residential gardens and condominiums. JRA is recognized globally for sustainable innovation, design excellence, and for its fresh-eyes approach to site challenges. The studio actively participates in garden shows and installations as a catalyst for experimentation in scale, materials, and technologies. Led by Janet Rosenberg and creative director Glenn Herman, the studio is supported by a team of talented landscape architects and urban designers who truly work collaboratively, constantly redefining the profession with creativity and unique ideas. Recent studio endeavours include Devonian Gardens in Calgary, Guelph Market Square at City Hall, and Newmarket Riverwalk Commons.







All photographs by Jeff McNeill

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ARCH 425: Team Peter Walker

6×6 is 1 of 11 installations by Associate Professor Elise Shelley’s ARCH 425 students. ARCH 425 is a 4th year course at Waterloo Architecture that investigates the modern designed landscape in connection with nature, social issues, and environmentalism.

Location: rare Charitable Research ReserveSite 11

Group Members:

1 Fish Zachary
2 Gray Braden
3 Kim Sung-Jun Mark
4 Moghaddam Matin
5 Wenzel Stephen


Emerging from the tall grass the teasel plant stands proud. Originally imported from Europe for widespread use in the textile industry this non-native species is now considered invasive. 6 x 6 embodies this idea of human induced invasion, imposing the order of the city into nature, a grid of columns juxtaposed with the natural landscape. Each post is a minimalist interpretation of the biannual teasel, investigating the cyclical changes of form, collecting solar energy during the day and glowing each night. The uniform grid reinforces the rolling topography while the lights illuminate the landscape at night, acting as a beacon for the Common Ground installations at RARE, to all the cars that pass by.









Photographs Provided by the Artists courtesy of Waterloo Architecture.
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