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Services | July 12, 2021

Do you need a recommendation on what to read next online? Help navigating the latest government or health information updates on COVID- 19? Do you need assistance with one of our online resources? Or would you just like to chat with your friendly Idea Exchange staff?

Our knowledgeable staff are available on chat whenever we're open.

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Submitted by Sherry Southgate (not verified) on

Can't wait to be able to get some books. When do you anticipate being able to do curbside pick-up (if you know at this time)? Should I enter some holds and that will be how the arrangement will be handled when you do open for curbside?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thank you for your question. We anticipate that curbside pick up will begin mid-June. We will be making an announcement on the website as well as the exact steps and procedures for placing your requests for pick up. Stay tuned for more details!

Submitted by Jennifer Robin (not verified) on

Hi there,

I really miss the library. Do you know when you will be opening again?


Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for your comment. We will begin curbside pick up of all materials starting Tuesday, June 16th. Curbside pick up will run Tuesday – Saturday 10:15am-5:45pm at all Idea Exchange locations. Returns will also start on Tuesday, June 16th.
More information and details about the curbside pick up will be on our website soon.

Submitted by Sebs (not verified) on

I have books ready for pick-up but don't have a cell phone. How should I notify the library that I am there to pick-up the books. Thx.

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thanks for the question. If you don't have a cell phone to call us when you come for the pick up, that's okay. In most cases the staff are right there at the entrance and will come out when you approach the table and ask for your name to get your holds for you. If no one is there, just knock on the door. We will come out.

Submitted by Melanie Da silva (not verified) on

I noticed my booms have already been checked out but I didnt pick them up yet. Is this something you're doing to have them ready faster ?

Submitted by Patricia King (not verified) on

You have "Nomadland" the book but not the movie. The movie has been nominated as Best Picture, and hailed as an Oscar frontrunner. Can you get it? I hope so.

Submitted by Leah (not verified) on

Hi Patricia, Thanks for your comment! It doesn't seem like this movie is available on DVD yet however I have requested that we buy it when it becomes available. Take care, Leah