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Pile of Pumpkins
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | October 1, 2019
Every year at around this time, I start to think of about Linus and Sally sitting in the pumpkin patch. The air is chilly, clouds are floating over in the shapes of ghosts, and they are waiting, for the Great Pumpkin to appear. There is something timeless and magical about pumpkins. They have been around for centuries and made early appearances in literature including this recipe for “Pumpion Pie" from 1526. The word "pumpkin" comes from the... Read More»

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Grand River View
Anne, Old Post Office | October 2, 2019
When you think of wildlife living in the city - what species come to mind? Maybe you picture Squirrels, Coyotes, Pigeons, or Canada Geese. But there... Read More»
Smart Device using Newspaper App
Meghan, Queen's Square | October 2, 2019
With many news media websites moving to digital subscription models, it’s become more expensive to access popular newspapers and magazines through... Read More»
Power of Fiction
Phil, Queen's Sqaure | October 1, 2019
Last month I commented on the embarrassment of riches in new fiction titles.  I believe the Fall release period will only accelerate this trend. And... Read More»

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