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Power of Fiction
Phil, Queen's Square | July 1, 2019
If fiction is going to have any power at all, at some point we need to discuss the way fiction can convincingly get inside the head of a character, to transport you to a different place, a new way of seeing, and another’s point of view. Two novels by John Boyne and Sayaka Murata share sociopaths as their primary characters. Boyne’s A Ladder to the Sky spends most of its time telling the story of writer Maurice Swift from the perspective of the... Read More»

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Meet the Artists. 2019. Photo Courtesy of Joe Lethbridge.
Joe Lethbridge | August 19, 2019
Recently Janice Barlow and myself held a meet and greet at Design at Riverside as part of the Common Waters series of events.  The afternoon began... Read More»
Ryan Tyler
Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | August 17, 2019
Tyler (right) and Ryan (left) are two extremely enthusiastic readers who have managed to come see us here at Hespeler almost every day of the week!... Read More»
Jude Paisley Family
Melanie at Queen's Square | August 17, 2019
A fun-filled summer means spending lots of time with family. Siblings Jude and Paisley, along with their cousins Addison, Myles, and Riley love to be... Read More»

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