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Idea Exchange Seed Library and Community Partners
Beth, Preston | April 1, 2019
Spring is in the air, and your garden is calling your name! Gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors with your kids. There is something magical about something growing from a tiny seed, and seeing it through a child’s eyes can make it even more magical. Sure, there’s a little lesson in patience, but there’s lots of fun to be had at each stage of the process, from preparing the garden to finally enjoying the blooms or food. Why not plan... Read More»

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Interlibrary Loan & Delivery
Idea Exchange | April 19, 2019
As you may have learned through recent press coverage, the Southern Ontario Library Service received a 50% budget reduction in funding from the... Read More»
old vinyl records and cassette tapes
Chris, Old Post Office | April 16, 2019
Do you have boxes of old photographic slides or film negatives taking up valuable space in your closet? Maybe you have an old collection of home... Read More»
man and woman using a calculator
Laura, Old Post Office | April 8, 2019
Learning is an important part of life and something we do every single day! It's exciting to discover a new skill or learn about a new subject, as it... Read More»

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