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111 trees
Crystal at Queen's Square | January 26, 2022
The word is out! Nominees for Canada’s largest recreational reading program have been announced and they’re great! Every year, the Forest of Reading committees selects several titles within each of their 10 categories as nominees and then we, the Canadian readers, get to read and vote on who should win! More than anything, the Forest of Reading fosters a love of reading. What better way than to have the kids do the reading and then vote for... Read More»

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A May calendar on a red background
Cassidy, Queen's Square | May 1, 2022
April showers have brought both May flowers and a brand new month of programs and events to Idea Exchange. Check out some highlighted programs below... Read More»
A mother and daughter celebrate crossing the finish line of a race
Scott Hasey-Koufis, Clemens Mill | May 1, 2022
Spring is in full bloom and summer is starting to peak its head around corner! That means trips to the beach, reading outside, and picnics in the... Read More»
Geese on OPO Green Roof
Anne, Old Post Office | April 26, 2022
Updates: On May 7, Mama duck left her nest with 12 ducklings and all made it to the water safely. What an exciting event for Mother's day weekend! On... Read More»

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