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Woman with spatula and burnt frying pan
Leah, Queen's Square | November 1, 2020
If Julia Child is Einstein on the cooking evolutionary scale, I sometimes feel like an amoeba still waiting to grow some legs so I can walk on land. “Fire make food good!” would be my first thought. Followed quickly by “yum cheese!” and some wet-sounding gobbling noises. Now I’m not knocking simple food – there’s nothing better than a home-made grilled cheese sandwich on a rainy day but occasionally you want to explore some new culinary horizons... Read More»

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Old Post Office
Idea Exchange | November 25, 2020
The Old Post Office is currently closed due to a power outage. We expect to re-open on Thursday, November 26 at 10am.  We apologize for any... Read More»
Train at Westfield Heritage Village
Shawna, Old Post Office | November 25, 2020
In the years leading up to Canada’s Centennial in 1967 there was a push to preserve the early history of Canadian Settlement.  In 1960 D. Glenn... Read More»
Old Post Office
Idea Exchange | November 23, 2020
Idea Exchange, Old Post Office is open for in-person services, including limited equipment use, children's activities, self-guided tours, and study... Read More»

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