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kids in a movie theatre
Beth, Preston | January 2, 2019
Have you heard about Idea Exchange’s new film streaming service called Kanopy? It has a huge variety of films for all ages and interests, it is FREE for Idea Exchange members, and it is easy to sign up for. My child is intensely curious about the world, so Kanopy Kids Educational films are amazing for her. To find this section, click the Kids link at the top right, then select ‘Educational’ from the drop down ‘Browse’ menu. A selection of films... Read More»

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Person reading and holding a cup of coffee.
Victoria M. | January 16, 2019
Just imagine on a snowy day, you’re cuddled up by a fireplace, hot chocolate on the table, and a book on your lap. It’s a perfect picture, right? But... Read More»
Computer screen with wrench and cog
Idea Exchange | January 10, 2019
Our telephone renewal system is currently unavailable. You can renew items using the online catalogue or by calling one of our locations. We... Read More»
kids enjoying kindergarten
Pam, Hespeler | January 4, 2019
Starting school is a very exciting time for children. It can be a bit stressful too. Idea Exchange is here to help with that. Kindergarten... Read More»

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