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Adele Parks
Veronica, Queen's Square | July 13, 2020
Is there anything better than sitting on the beach with a cold bevy beside you and a good book on your lap? We don't think so. Thrillers and... Read More»
person cleaning computer screen
Idea Exchange | July 10, 2020
Idea Exchange has examined all of our internal and external procedures to ensure that we are doing everything possible to stop the spread of COVID-19... Read More»
person returning books
Idea Exchange | July 10, 2020
Idea Exchange is accepting 24/7 return of materials through external drop boxes at Clemens Mill, Hespeler, Preston, and Queen’s Square. There is no... Read More»
person carrying books
Idea Exchange | July 10, 2020
Idea Exchange will continue to offer contact free Pick-up Service of all library materials to provide members with the opportunity to pick up their... Read More»
photo of the Grand River in Downtown Galt
Laura, Old Post Office | July 8, 2020
Cambridge, Ontario, is full of rich history! Formed in January 1973, the former cities of Galt, Preston, Hespeler, and Blair make up our current city... Read More»
Old Post Office
Idea Exchange | July 7, 2020
Idea Exchange, Old Post Office will be open for limited in-person equipment use beginning Monday, July 13. Makerspace Pick-up Service and Take and... Read More»
Clemens Mill Library
Idea Exchange | July 7, 2020
Starting Monday, July 13, all locations will be open to the public Monday through Saturday, 12:00pm to 6:00pm, for computer use, holds checkout, new... Read More»
Eric Bolton
Gabrielle, Queen's Square | July 7, 2020
Eric simultaneously exudes “rock star” while somehow managing to be one of the nicest people you will meet. It may sound like an odd combo, but it’s... Read More»
person carrying books
Idea Exchange | July 7, 2020
Idea Exchange is getting ready to welcome members back into their buildings. Starting on Monday, July 13 we will be reopening our spaces for limited... Read More»
Garden Tractor made of recycled materials
Kathleen, Clemens Mill | July 6, 2020
Gardening can be a great way to reduce waste: grow your own and eliminate all the packaging from your fruits and vegetables. But, it can also... Read More»