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Grand River View
Anne, Old Post Office | October 2, 2019
When you think of wildlife living in the city - what species come to mind? Maybe you picture Squirrels, Coyotes, Pigeons, or Canada Geese. But there... Read More»
Smart Device using Newspaper App
Meghan, Queen's Square | October 2, 2019
With many news media websites moving to digital subscription models, it’s become more expensive to access popular newspapers and magazines through... Read More»
Power of Fiction
Phil, Queen's Sqaure | October 1, 2019
Last month I commented on the embarrassment of riches in new fiction titles.  I believe the Fall release period will only accelerate this trend. And... Read More»
Group of Children Listening to a Story
Shannon, Queen's Square | October 1, 2019
When you read a children’s book, do you make up funny voices for the characters? Do you love the feeling of a toddler on your knee and a giggle in... Read More»
Person Writing in a Book
Meghan, Queen's Square | October 1, 2019
Do you have a story to tell? If so, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is the time to make your writing dream a reality, without fear or... Read More»
Idea Exchange | October 1, 2019
October is here! As the leaves change colours and you get your Halloween costume ready, check out some of the awesome programs we have planned this... Read More»
Pumpkins and Jack O'Lanterns of Various Sizes
Sarah, Queen’s Square | October 1, 2019
Spooky season is here! You’re never too old for costumes, haunted houses, and candy, which is why we have planned some wicked programs for adults... Read More»
Farah Heron
Veronica, Queen’s Square | October 1, 2019
Celebration of Women is a partnership with Idea Exchange and the City of Cambridge to celebrate Persons Day. On October 18, 1929, Canada’s highest... Read More»
DIY Blocks
Christina, Old Post Office | October 1, 2019
Most people have the same reaction that I did when I first walked into the 3rd floor Makerspace at the Old Post Office; equal parts amazed and... Read More»
Man with octopus monster
Shawna, Old Post Office | October 1, 2019
H.P. Lovecraft is best known for his short stories that forge the Cthulhu Mythos.  The tales of a giant sleeping aquatic creature with qualities of a... Read More»