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Robin Williams book cover cropped
Phil, Queen's Square | September 24, 2018
According to statistics, nearly 10,000 biographies are published every year in the United States. So with that number ringing in our heads, what are... Read More»
superhero with glasses and a wrench on his chest
Greg, Preston | September 17, 2018
Martine Postma, of the Netherlands, looked around her and knew the earth was in big trouble. Our carbon footprint was getting larger and larger as we... Read More»
Clemens Mill during the day
Idea Exchange | September 11, 2018
We’re now open and have resumed our regular open hours! Our Clemens Mill location has been renovated over the summer to improve the overall... Read More»
Person and Dog Running at Night
Idea Exchange | September 5, 2018
Get fit and learn about space as you run the solar system in this all ages virtual race! Drop into our track at Idea Exchange, Clemens Mill anytime... Read More»
Jeremy Taylor, Makerspace
Jeremy, Old Post Office | September 4, 2018
My name is Jeremy Taylor and I love the idea of connecting people and inspiring a community of makers. I am by no means an expert in any one thing,... Read More»
Idea Exchange Magazine Fall 2018 Cover
Idea Exchange | September 4, 2018
The Fall 2018 edition of the Idea Exchange Magazine is here! Read about the exciting changes to Clemens Mill, which has been refreshed after a summer... Read More»
telescope and open window
Carroll, Queen's Square | September 4, 2018
Are you an amateur scientist? Do you love reading about science or conducting experiments at home? Are you fascinated by outer space? Then join us... Read More»
Zero Waste
Dawn, Clemens Mill | September 4, 2018
Have you heard about the movement toward going ‘Zero Waste’? Zero Waste is an environmental ideology that can be simply defined as a commitment to... Read More»
Dusty handwritten recipe
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | September 4, 2018
Is it possible to have too many cookbooks? I didn’t think so either. There's just something so comforting about cookbooks, and knowing they are there... Read More»
Guitar Players
Programs + Events | September 4, 2018
The days are getting shorter and school is back in session, which can only mean one thing: fall is almost here! As the leaves begin to change, Idea... Read More»