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woman drawing on a wall
Programs + Events | July 3, 2018
Summer has arrived! We have tons of programs this month for the whole family to enjoy, including new programs to help inspire you to create something... Read More»
phone and coffee cup
Jessica, Preston | July 3, 2018
The wait is finally over – the latest season of your favourite Netflix series has just arrived! You nestle in and get started. Netflix begins to... Read More»
hat, sunglasses and book
Phil, Queen's Square | July 1, 2018
At the beginning of 2018, I made the bold suggestion that together we could become better read. To that end, I suggested titles to read each month,... Read More»
couple behind a rainbow flag
Meghan, Queen's Square | June 3, 2018
Are you ready to show your colours? The Tri-Pride Festival is on its way, with Pride Week happening between May 22 – June 3rd and the big Festival... Read More»
open book outside
Phil, Queen's Square | June 2, 2018
In January, I made the bold suggestion that together we could become better read. To that end, I suggested titles to read each month, with the intent... Read More»
natural dyes
Programs + Events | June 1, 2018
June is finally here, bringing with it sunny summer days and more programs for you to enjoy! We’ve got something for everything, from hands on... Read More»
movie clapperboard and storyboard
Jessica, Queen's Square | June 1, 2018
Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie and the plot sounded exactly the same as another movie?  Sometimes things get even more confusing when... Read More»
woman smiling, reading a book
Carroll, Queen's Square | June 1, 2018
If you’re sick and tired of the proliferation of books on the market that focus on violence against women, you aren’t alone. You know the books I’m... Read More»
Idea Exchange Magazine Summer Cover
Idea Exchange | June 1, 2018
The Summer 2018 edition of the Idea Exchange Magazine is here! Read about the restoration and history of the Old Post Office, including the building'... Read More»
two dogs and an ipad
Idea Exchange | May 22, 2018
Nothing beats lounging around with a great magazine! The RB Digital App (formerly Zinio for Libraries) offers full colour copies of your favourite... Read More»