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Monster Holding Popcorn and Remote Control
Meredith, Queen's Square | October 1, 2019
It’s October, which means even if you’re not a year-round horror fanatic like me, now is the perfect time to dim the lights, grab some popcorn, and... Read More»
The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell
Leah and Phil, Queen's Square | September 6, 2019
Fall is the biggest book release period of the year. Often this is the time publishers release the titles that we will be talking about as the year’s... Read More»
Cassidy stands in the YA section at Queen's Square
Cassidy, Queen's Square | September 6, 2019
For many, Young Adult fiction represents something better than adulthood. It’s not only relatable to teenagers navigating the tumultuous in-between... Read More»
Power of Fiction
Phil, Queen's Square | September 1, 2019
It is all well enough that I tell you that The Wall by John Lanchester is the best work of fiction I have read this year. Great storytelling, richly... Read More»
Popcorn and movies
Jessica, Preston | September 1, 2019
School is back in session, and we have a suggestion for celebrating the end of summer that doesn’t involve homework: binge-watching teen movies set... Read More»
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | September 1, 2019
What is the taste of Canada? Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and Peameal Bacon? Poutine? Tourtiére? Butter Tarts? Canada is famous for a lot of... Read More»
Books on a shelf
Tina, Preston | September 1, 2019
We seem to be a society obsessed with celebrities. Personally, I don’t read the tabloids or follow anyone famous on social media. Here’s what I do... Read More»
Power of Fiction: August Picks
Phil, Queen's Sqaure | August 1, 2019
What better way to explore the power of fiction than to read two novels that deal with exactly the same story? Margot Wölk’s story as a real life... Read More»
Hand Writing On Notepad
Jessica, Hespeler | August 1, 2019
J.K Rowling is most famous for her wizarding world, including the mega-hit Harry Potter and the new movie franchise, Fantastic Beasts.  Did you know... Read More»
Best of Book Expo 2019
Jessica, Preston | August 1, 2019
If you are looking for the ultimate preview of upcoming book releases, there’s no better place to go than Book Expo, North America’s largest... Read More»