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Jamie K | March 24, 2020
Ancestry Library Edition is now available to use online from home!  Spend some time researching your family's history while at home.  Search census,... Read More»
Jamie K | March 19, 2020
During this closure, we at Idea Exchange want to ensure you have access to free resources at home to keep you entertained. Check out any of these... Read More»
woman and laptop
Meghan, Queen's Square | March 16, 2020
For those interested in going “back to school” as an adult, Idea Exchange offers Gale Courses, a service that allows you to choose from over 100 free... Read More»
A cup on books with flowers and trees in the background
Idea Exchange | March 4, 2020
The Spring 2020 edition of the Idea Exchange Magazine is here! Check out new Memory Kits we have with Dementia-friendly activities for persons with... Read More»
Women standing in a line
Kathleen, Clemens Mill | March 1, 2020
If you came of age in the era of thirtysomething and The Breakfast Club, you may be feeling like you’re lost in the media buzz about Millennials and... Read More»
Woman sitting by herself
Shaun, Hespeler | March 1, 2020
If you’ve read my other pieces on the web site, you know that I am a shameless homebody.  I routinely get myself into trouble by not attending... Read More»
robot holding a wrench
Meghan, Queen's Square | March 1, 2020
You - yes, you - are a computer genius. You just may not know it yet. Luckily, with the right tools and training, anyone can amp up their tech know-... Read More»
group of men and women standing together
Sarah, Queen's Square | March 1, 2020
March is here, bringing with it our Idea Exchange Spring 2020 Magazine and lots of new programs for you to explore!  Now is the perfect time to learn... Read More»
Monarch butterflies flying around a tree
Anne, Old Post Office | March 1, 2020
It's March and thoughts are wandering towards green plants, bird song, warm breeze...and maybe if you're into that sort of thing...the earliest... Read More»
Phil, Queen's Square | February 28, 2020
As a child with a parent experiencing memory loss, finding common ground can be difficult as conversations are often short, pauses long, as... Read More»