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Riverside Park
Laura, Queen's Square | May 12, 2014
If you live in Cambridge, you’re likely no stranger to the city’s largest park. Perhaps you’ve watched fireworks explode over Riverside Park during... Read More»
Images from the Flood
Linda, Queen's Square | May 12, 2014
May 17, 1974 was a coming of age day for the new city of Cambridge. When the flood level rose, the people of this city also rose together to help... Read More»
Idea No. 1205: My Time to Shine
Idea Exchange | April 29, 2014
Our featured models, Tristan and Adena, are two of our 200+ valued teen volunteers taking advantage of the many opportunities at Idea Exchange.... Read More»
The Black Bridge Road Bridge. Photo credit: Region of Waterloo
Linda F. | April 1, 2014
Surely spring will come soon, with warm weather that makes you want to be outside and doing some exploring. Even if you haven’t got time to travel... Read More»
Taj Mahal at sunrise
Ruth, Preston | March 28, 2014
My friend and I are great travel partners and have explored many different destinations in North America. Occasionally we go for an adventure; this... Read More»
Intaglio, sfumato, anime and juxtaposition
Idea Exchange | March 12, 2014
Lifelong learning. Self-expression. Creation. Did you know Idea Exchange offers classes with professional artists? From printmaking to comic book... Read More»
Sepia coloured picture of men with shovels
Cathy, Queen's Square | February 14, 2014
When I moved to Cambridge eighteen years ago it felt a bit like coming home.  My father had lived in Galt when he was a young boy and had shared many... Read More»
Come in. Check us out. And UNWRAP the possibilities.
Idea Exchange | November 15, 2013
You don’t have to sneak around to get a peek into all the great things we’ve got just for you. Culture, education and fun – all ready and waiting.... Read More»
Boy holding paper reading ADHD
Angela, Hespeler | October 28, 2013
When I was first told my son, Chris, had met the criteria for ADHD, I felt relief because this diagnosis meant I wasn’t such a bad mother after all... Read More»
Idea No. 3668. Come in. Check us out. And UN|COVER the unlimited potential.
Idea Exchange | October 25, 2013
Take a closer look: things aren’t always as they appear. Cambridge Libraries and Galleries IDEA | EXCHANGE is the physical and virtual place where... Read More»