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Volunteer Profile: Jeevan Vivanganathan
Shannon Markle | October 16, 2019
Volunteer Profile: Jeevan Vivanganathan Like many, Jeevan Viveganathan escaped his early years in mundane suburbia by moving to hip downtown Toronto... Read More»
Volunteer Profile: Charlotte Turner
Sheridan Flietstra | September 26, 2019
Volunteer Profile: Charlotte Turner Grade eleven student Charlotte Turner has accumulated a surprising hoard of life experience. Charlotte can play... Read More»
Volunteer Profile: Sherry Dai
Sheridan Flietstra | September 24, 2019
Volunteer Profile: Sherry Dai Ever need a breath of fresh air? A departure from the daily grind that brings some variety and well, – O2 – to your... Read More»
Double the Impact, Double the Fun
Sheridan Flietstra, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School Co-op Student | February 7, 2019
Mike and Kim Palazzo like to do things together. These former teachers, who each taught for 30 years in Toronto, recently retired and now indulge in... Read More»
Volunteer Profile: Brian Duggan
Shannon Markle | October 3, 2017
Volunteer Profile: Brian Duggan You have likely seen Brian Duggan about town. Like many of us indulging in the beautifully and suddenly flourishing... Read More»
Volunteer Profile: Deb Mitchell
Shannon Markle | October 3, 2017
Volunteer Profile: Deb Mitchell “I just love coming to the library.” ~ Deb Mitchell Whoever coined the expression “Those that can, do. Those that can... Read More»
Ajit Manku
Shannon Markle | October 3, 2017
Volunteer Profile: Ajit Manku ‘I believe that by giving back to our community, will help to make Cambridge to become not only a better place to live... Read More»