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Teen with headphones on
Teen Tastemakers | August 1, 2021
This month we asked local teens to recommend their favourite summer pastimes. If you’re looking for the next big thing, read on: BOOKS: This month I... Read More»
The picnicn table on the OPO green roof
Anne, Old Post Office | August 1, 2021
The Old Post Office has a hidden gem on the second level terrace.  Our terrace is brought to life by a green roof, creating the perfect Zen community... Read More»
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
Meghan, Queen's Square | August 1, 2021
The Tokyo Summer Olympics is underway, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This decision isn’t without controversy. Still, for many, the Olympics... Read More»
A sword in fog with a shadowy figure in the background
Jessica, Preston | August 1, 2021
This month marks an important anniversary for fantasy fans. “A Game of Thrones,” the first volume in George R.R. Martin’s seminal fantasy series, “A... Read More»
Women sitting on a blanket in the park reading a book
Cassidy, Queen's Square | August 1, 2021
Idea Exchange is excited to be in conversation with four amazing authors this month! On Thursday, August 12th at 7:00 p.m., we’ll be speaking with... Read More»
A card in an envelope with a bouquet of flowers
Cassidy, Queen's Square | August 1, 2021
Summer fun at Idea Exchange continues all through August! Summer reading for kids, teens, and adults is still ongoing, along with the Teen-Tween... Read More»
A soldering kit laid out on a white table
Emily – Old Post Office | July 15, 2021
Learn a new hands-on technology skill with the new Intro to Soldering and Circuits program on July 24th at 11 am. Register now! Don’t have soldering... Read More»
TD Summer Reading Club 2021 Icon
Laureen, Queen's Square | July 9, 2021
Have you signed up for the Summer Reading Club? Do you want to earn extra points? Visit the virtual reporting desk on ReadSquared! Go to the “... Read More»
Cover of S.F Rosa's book "The quiet girl" and Big Library Read logo
Phil, Queen's Square | July 7, 2021
Big Library Read (BLR), facilitated by OverDrive is an online reading program through Idea Exchange that connects readers from around the world with... Read More»
A blue striped beach bag sits against a white background with a towel, hat and sunglasses
Cassidy, Queen's Square | July 5, 2021
Summer is here, and with it, a full calendar of fun, virtual events.   Summer reading clubs are once again happening for all ages! Information and... Read More»