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ben ayla and tree
Melanie at Queen's Square | August 7, 2019
It’s an extra special visit to the library today for siblings Ben and Ayla! They registered during the first week of the program and have been... Read More»
grace elizabeth photo
Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | August 7, 2019
For sisters Grace and Elizabeth, coming to Idea Exchange is a treat they love all year round. They enjoy all that Idea Exchange offers, from the Lego... Read More»
The Water Lover and Slow Change. 2019. Photo by Vanessa Pejovic
Vanessa Pejovic | August 2, 2019
Here's something I learned last Saturday: Performance art scares me. Let me explain. I've always found fulfillment expressing myself through the... Read More»
Power of Fiction: August Picks
Phil, Queen's Sqaure | August 1, 2019
What better way to explore the power of fiction than to read two novels that deal with exactly the same story? Margot Wölk’s story as a real life... Read More»
What's On this Month: August 2019
Programs + Events | August 1, 2019
August is here and it’s hard to believe the summer is already halfway over. The days are hot so beat the heat with some awesome programs inside. We’... Read More»
Hand Writing On Notepad
Jessica, Hespeler | August 1, 2019
J.K Rowling is most famous for her wizarding world, including the mega-hit Harry Potter and the new movie franchise, Fantastic Beasts.  Did you know... Read More»
Music Videos: The Good, The Banned, and The Parodied
Meredith, Queen's Square | August 1, 2019
The first music videos appeared earlier than you’d think—arguably as far back as 1894! But it wasn’t until the 1980s and the advent of MTV that the... Read More»
Innovation Nation
Brittni, Preston | August 1, 2019
You’re invited! Come and join us for our Summer Reading Club wrap up party: Innovation Nation. Innovation Nation celebrates you, the innovator. If... Read More»
Escape Rooms
Lori, Hespeler | August 1, 2019
Captives, traps, riddles, imagination, adventure, secrets, breakouts, mystery, codes, perplexing, hints and escapes.  Can you guess what these have... Read More»
Best of Book Expo 2019
Jessica, Preston | August 1, 2019
If you are looking for the ultimate preview of upcoming book releases, there’s no better place to go than Book Expo, North America’s largest... Read More»