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An Imperial Month
Meghan, Queen's Sqaure | August 1, 2019
Ave amicus!  (Translation from the Latin: “Hello, friend!”) As this greeting implies, August is a month with a classical Roman pedigree. While July... Read More»
Joe Lethbridge. 2019. Photo by Karly Boileau
Joe Lethbridge | July 30, 2019
Recently I attended a Common Waters event at the BRIDGE storefront which was comprised of two performance pieces, The Water Lover by Patrick Allaby... Read More»
Joe Lethbridge. 2019. Photo by Karly Boileau
Joe Lethbridge | July 30, 2019
If notebook paper, canvas and my camera are my arts medium, my inspiration comes from nature . The river my solace, my sounds, and colour therapy, my... Read More»
Joe Lethbridge Walking Tour. 2019. Photo by Vanessa Pejovic.
Vanessa Pejovic | July 30, 2019
Last week, I joined a few other locals for a short trip back in time. Along one side of the Grand River to the other, we walked and listened as local... Read More»
Emily Veda
Demitra and Braedon at Hespeler | July 26, 2019
Throughout the week we have had so many wonderfully excited readers sign up for the Summer Reading Club. However, none were more excited then our... Read More»
kids writing
Elora at Queen's Square | July 26, 2019
With the ever changing and progressing resources we have for our children to use on computers, phones and tablets it can be overwhelming to find safe... Read More»
Humd Kamooz Eishyal
Michelle at Clemens Mill | July 26, 2019
Hat’s off to another wonderful week of the Summer Reading Club here at Clemens Mills! We’ve had tons and tons of readers come to visit including... Read More»
Jii Bmoseynah Nokomis Gii B'Mosed. 2019. Vanessa Pejovic
Vanessa Pejovic | July 24, 2019
Dr. Andrew Judge spoke last Saturday in a Common Waters talk titled “Jii Bmoseynah Nokomis Gii B'Mosed - I am Walking in the Footsteps of my... Read More»
Mud and Microbes Workshop. 2019. Vanessa Pejovic.
Vanessa Pejovic | July 24, 2019
Germs = art? Yes!  Nicole Clouston is a researcher in the process of completing a Ph.D. in Visual Art. Art and science meet in Nicole’s work.... Read More»
Bookbinding Workshop. 2019. Vanessa Pejovic
Vanessa Pejovic | July 24, 2019
Blacksmithing. Textile weaving. Writing a letter (by hand). Lost arts? Most of us don’t own fountain pens or butter churns anymore. Does that mean... Read More»