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Image of a woman loading a bicycle into the back of a car
Leona, Queen's Square | May 14, 2012
It’s something all drivers face: car shopping. There are those who love this – who dream about what car they’ll have and when they’ll get it. Then... Read More»
Emma's Reading Rock
Idea Exchange | April 25, 2012
Reading – what a great way to expand your ideas. And ideas are what we’re all about! Our SHOW US YOURS photo contest showed a strong response – and... Read More»
Pile of numbers
Ideas | March 17, 2012
Books and movies intended to give facts, or accounts of real things and events are called nonfiction. All Cambridge Libraries locations and most... Read More»
Laureen, queen of the castle
Laureen, Queen's Square | December 19, 2011
Hi, my name is Laureen and I have been working in Children’s Services of the Cambridge Libraries for eight exciting years. It’s been great getting to... Read More»
Phil, the believer
Phil, Queen's Square | December 12, 2011
I believe it’s a long way from Adams to Xenakis and Armstrong to Zorn, but it’s well worth taking the trip. I believe that cyclocross is the most fun... Read More»
Robert, art aficianado
Robert, Queen's Square | November 24, 2011
Being on staff at Idea Exchange fulfills two important interests: books and art. I’m an avid reader, and have always enjoyed learning about how... Read More»
Marylu, bookworm
Marylu, Queen's Square | November 11, 2011
If I’m ever asked, what are your favorite hobbies, the answer is reading, reading and reading. I find it very hard to say what my favorite books are... Read More»
Anne, Library concierge
Anne, Queen's Square | November 7, 2011
My 23 years of working at the Queen’s Square branch, have included working at the Circulation Desk and for the last 5 years, the Reception Desk. Now... Read More»
Iga, Kurator
Iga, Queen's Square and Preston | October 31, 2011
I work for the gallery, two in fact, Queen’s Square and Preston. Yes, those two rooms across the hall from the all the books are galleries.  You don’... Read More»
Angela, literary slugger
Angela, Hespeler | October 17, 2011
Sometimes, what seems to be the worst time of your life turns out to be the best! A few years ago, in a fundraising softball game with Kitchener... Read More»