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Volunteers in a circle
Idea Exchange | August 20, 2014
What do you do when you have 400+ enthusiastic and eager volunteers, ready to dig in, share their talents and be a part of something more? You enable... Read More»
Meredith, Queen's Square | August 11, 2014
My grandmother once played the violin, and as I’ve always heard it, she played it extraordinarily well. Time and time again my father has told me... Read More»
Galt Armoury in Cambridge, Ontario. 6 July 2014
Linda, Queen's Square | August 10, 2014
Sparked by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in June 1914, and following a complicated series of events, Britain and its... Read More»
Beethoven sculpture (front)
Jessica S. | July 18, 2014
With the introduction of e-books many of us are mourning the loss of the bound book, but artist Long-bin Chen has found a way to give books a second... Read More»
Girl with pigtails building with lego
Kids | July 12, 2014
What have you made lately? Do you like to invent new things, build with tools, write code or maybe you enjoy creating by painting, or cooking? Did... Read More»
Murdoch Mysteries Season 1 DVD cover, Image courtesy of Syndetics, 2016
Laura, Queen's Square | July 2, 2014
Cambridge Ontario has amazing ties to the world of motion pictures. Back in 1916 -- at the dawn of the movie era -- brothers Len and Charlie Roos... Read More»
José Luis Torres: La Colección. Installation Shot. Cambridge, Ontario. May 2014
Phil R. | June 18, 2014
La colección is a large scale, community driven public art project by José Luis Torres, an Argentinean artist currently living in Quebec. Developed... Read More»
Close up image of Tectonic Surface mural on the Bread Factory building, Cambridge, ON
Stephanie Boutari, Artist | June 5, 2014
As a graduate student of architecture with a long-time passion for art, I knew it was just a matter of time until I would start painting murals. This... Read More»
Two young boys with tablet
Kids | June 2, 2014
Those little screens in our lives are lots of fun for little people too! Luckily, there are a ton of great apps out there that are FUN and also... Read More»
Idea No. 1459 Everything I Need
Idea Exchange | May 27, 2014
For you, for them, for the entire family.  We offer a wide variety of art courses, cultural programs, special events, books, music, and movies to... Read More»