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Author Emma Donoghue Writes Again


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Gabrielle, Queen's Square | July 21, 2020

Emma Donoghue is nearly always writing. At our event with her last fall, she confessed that in addition to her scheduled work times, she tries to sneak more writing in whenever she can. Waiting to pick up her kids from school or extracurriculars, sitting in the back of an Uber on her way to an author event, even small moments of writing add up Emma told us. It is no surprise then that after releasing her contemporary novel Akin just last year, a new Emma Donoghue book is being released tomorrow. This time it is a historical novel, another genre we have come to know and love from this award-winning author. Emma is perhaps best known for her novel Room, which was made into a movie and earned her both Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

Written before COVID-19 hit the world, her new novel, The Pull of the Stars, takes place over three days in a Dublin maternity ward in 1918, at the height of the Great Flu. In her recent interview with The Atlantic, Emma talks about the writing of The Pull of the Stars and why she chose to set her book during a pandemic saying, “An epidemic is a narrative gold mine: It ups the stakes for the most everyday interaction between characters, because every kiss becomes a gamble.” Little did she know just how relatable her historical fiction would be today.

Idea Exchange is pleased to partner with Eden Mills Writer's Festival to offer a unique, online book club experience for Emma Donoghue fans:

  1. Read The Pull of the Stars. You can put a paper copy of the book on hold or you can purchase your own copy from our bookselling partner for this event, The Bookshelf, by calling 519.821.3311 or on their website. Order before July 21st to get a signed copy.
  2. Join the discussion led by Kayleigh Platz at our virtual book club event on August 18 at 7:00pm.
  3. Chat with fellow book lovers at our Preston Book Club on Friday, August 21 at 10:00am.
  4. Finally, join the Eden Mills Writer's Festival for their event with Emma Donoghue, hosted by Vish Khanna, on August 25 at 8:00pm. Registered book club members can submit their questions for Emma ahead of time for a chance to ask them during this event!