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Decluttering and Organizing


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Shawna, Old Post Office | January 1, 2020

As January deepens we spend more time at home indoors looking at our stuff.  The desire to spend a little extra time to declutter and organize will eventually take hold.  For some people a little time is all they need.  For those of us who need more time and some direction there are a number of books, ebooks and even audio books available.

Almost 10 years ago Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing became the big thing for people searching for organizational tips.  The Konmari System has you organize by categories starting with items that are easiest to make decisions about to the more emotionally charged keepsake items.  Kondo has you evaluate each object’s function in your present lifestyle; asking yourself if that object Sparks Joy.  As a professional organizer Kondo’s books contain many tips for keeping these items organized.  All of Kondo’s books are available here in all formats to preview.

Over the past few years the rise of minimalism has become a strong force in the organizing world.  Fume Saski’s book Goodbye Things: On Minimalist Living is the next big thing in minimalist organization techniques.  Saski is an extreme minimalist and his book begins with his personal journey into minimalism to change his life.  The later half of the book contains 55 tips and 15 tips more on minimalist organizational techniques.

This book also explains the new movement in minimalism Danshari.  This Japanese term places emphasis on choosing a simple life over things as it focuses on how you want to feel.   Saski has included may of the psychological drives for both why we have kept stuff and how we can let go during the decluttering process.

Some people may find one technique works for them, others may want to incorporated tips from more than one source.  If you like to preview different ideas we have these books and more.  On January 22 there will be a speaker at the Old Post Office talking about Decluttering After the Holidays.

 The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo.   Goodbye, things : the new Japanese minimalism by Fumio Sasaki