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Get Active as a Family!



  • A mother and daughter celebrate crossing the finish line of a race

Scott Hasey-Koufis, Clemens Mill | May 1, 2022

Spring is in full bloom and summer is starting to peak its head around corner! That means trips to the beach, reading outside, and picnics in the park… all wonderful things you and your kids can do as a family. With the sunshine making regular appearances, it is also a great time to consider getting active and making healthy choices – and what better way to do that, than as a family unit!

Making lifestyle changes as a family, however, can be easier said than done. Finding a time to exercise, and the equipment to do so, can be a headache but Idea Exchange’s Active Living Collection, available at our Clemens Mill branch, can help alleviate that pressure.

Using your Idea Exchange membership, the Active Living Collection makes sports and exercise equipment easily accessible. You and your family can borrow anything from basketballs to yoga mats. It is a painless way to try something new (and to get physical!) without spending your hard-earned money!

With loan periods of 3 weeks, you can borrow items and bring them home to try in the backyard! Another great option is to use your borrowed equipment in the community park out front of the Clemens Mill library, where there are outdoor exercise apparatus available, a basketball court, and a track ready for you and the kids to run a few laps on.

While it’s never easy to make healthy lifestyle changes, doing so as a family can make it a more meaningful experience. And with a little help from Idea Exchange and our Active Living Collection, the ability to participate in physical exercise is made all the easier!