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Having Trouble Sleeping?


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Phil, Queen's Square | February 1, 2017

Whether you cannot get to sleep or cannot stay asleep, sleeplessness seems to be a growing concern for many people.

There are plenty of books that offer suggestions from Judith Davidson’s Sink Into Sleep, Colleen Carney’s Goodnight Mind, or more recently Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution. But here’s a new option that you may not have tried: the podcast.

Sleepwithme by Drew Ackerman is a podcast that helps you fall asleep. The object is to read you asleep, by not being too interesting a reader nor too interesting storyteller. Ackerman, who reads under the name Dearest Scooter comes to the subject as an insomniac who couldn’t find enough podcasts or audiobooks that were boring enough to put him asleep instead of keeping him awake wondering what was going to happen next.

His solution is simple: read the most boring story you can find in the most monotone low voice. Over 1.3 million people a month use his stories to help them fall asleep, and while sleep doctors and clinicians warn that it doesn’t deal with the roots of insomnia, if you are not sleeping why not give it a try?