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Meet Our Neighbours: Brow Boss


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  • Sarah White from Brow Boss
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Christine, Old Post Office | June 2, 2020

Do you ever wonder what led people to their chosen profession? What is their story? How did they get their start? Why did they decide to open their own business and really, who IS that person?  

If you have ever visited Idea Exchange, Old Post Office in downtown Galt, you may have noticed our closest neighbour nestled right beside us in a quaint historical building. Brow Boss has been operating since March 2018. Owner Sarah, is a master at making eyebrows beautiful but did you know she is a fully licensed esthetician? A number of years ago Sarah had a facial, and that was it, she’d found her vocation. She knew that she wanted other women to feel as beautiful as she did that day. She has been making women feel and look beautiful for 16 years. After working in a salon for a number of years, and with support from family and friends, Sarah decided it was time to open her own business and become her own boss…The Brow Boss! This would allow her to continue her passion while working around her family’s schedule.  

A location for her own studio was found, a lease was signed, and renovations began. Shortly after undertaking this new venture Sarah found out there would be another addition to her already busy role as an esthetician, wife, and mother of 2 boys. Shortly after opening her studio, the family welcomed a baby girl into the family. As a supporter of Idea Exchange, she brings her children to play in the Discovery Centre or the Creative Studio.

Sarah shared a video for all of you in which she demonstrated how easy it is to make a facial mask using only 2 simple ingredients readily found in most kitchens.  

Check out Brow Boss on their Facebook or website.

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DIY Two-Ingredient Facial Mask