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Meet Our Neighbours: House of Bamboo


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Shawna, Old Post Office | December 23, 2020

Rachel Carson’s ground-breaking book Silent Spring, published in 1962, brought to our attention the catastrophic impact human chemical usage can have on the environment, animals and the human population.  This book and Carson’s advocacy not only raised awareness it was pivotal in helping launch the environmental movement.  One way we can help the environment today is with the purchases we make for everyday items.

Since 2016 Dani at the House of Bamboo has been sourcing products from fair-trade and ethical suppliers many of which are Canadian.  Combining her belief that sustainable products are the future with her love of fashion and the desire to own her own business she now has 2 stores located in Cambridge and Waterloo and an online website to order from.  When ordering online curbside and local deliveries options can be arranged as well as shipping outside the community.

Bamboo products were the right fit for Dani as Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can self-regenerate from its roots and requires no pesticides or fertilizers.  With good land stewardship the agricultural end of the bamboo industry is sustainable and environmentally friendly by its very nature.  Processing the bamboo into the soft bamboo rayon that clothing is made from has typically been an unfriendly chemical process.  That however is changing.  Chemicals are still needed but the new closed-loop process is designed to capture and reuse the chemicals in the manufacturing of the fabrics.  Making Bamboo much friendlier and sustainable choice.

Fashion and bamboo are the main focus at the House of Bamboo with soft bamboo PJs, socks and clothing for men, women and children.   Hemp shirts, pants and hoodies can be found in the men’s section.  Under current public health guidelines, the change rooms are closed during regular hours.  However, you can set up a personal shopping appointment for a private 45 minute in-store appointment outside regular business hours.  These appointments are typically held on Monday for Waterloo and Tuesdays for Cambridge or as accommodation can be met.  During the winter closure the House of Bamboo will servicing the online store with curbside pick-up and delivery options.  Please browse their website and place an order or feel free to inquiry through their store locations Cambridge 519-267-6900 or Waterloo 519-208-7400.

Other materials like a cork clutch are in the accessories or a loofah in the personal care items. There are many great items for stocking stuffers in these categories!  For the home there is bedding and towels and bamboo gifts like cutting board sets.  Currently there are bamboo masks available too!  Each store has a slightly different stock and you can browse the House of Bamboo website to preview the different fashions and items available.

If you want to customize a classic t-shirt to ‘bee’ your own, our Old Post Office location has a Cricut Cutter and Embroidery Machine that can aid you in your project.  While our makerspace is currently closed to the public, we recommend that you explore tutorials on any of our current equipment until we can welcome you back into the building.  Check out #opomade for made that other members have made at the Old Post Office.

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