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Meet Our Neighbours: Molloy’s Bulk Refill & Soap Supply


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  • Refillable soap in large containers
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  • Candles

Shawna, Old Post Office | December 22, 2020

When talking with friends recently about the small things we do to help the environment, I came to realize how far we have actually come in the last 40 years.  As a region we are very proud of being part of the development and implementation of a big change that reaches everyone’s home with the Blue Box Recycling program that started in Kitchener in 1983.  Since then we branch out beyond the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to include sustainability, zero-waste and eco-friendly alternatives.

As individuals, we often seek ways to incorporate sustainable change into our lives.  Eco-friendly businesses have responded to meet these ever-expanding choices.  Locally, Pete & BJ Molloy have started Molloy’s Bulk Refill & Soap Supply Store.  Since September 2018 they combined their professional talents and personal interests to start up and grow an environmentally focused business.  Pete expanded his interest in natural health products to develop a line of skin care for men, starting with beard oils.  BJ brought in her love of crafting by focusing on candles, soaps, and skincare products for women.

The Molloy’s feature environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and bio-degradable products and ingredients in their two locations in Cambridge and Guelph.  To reduce plastic consumption and save on consumer packaging costs, supplies and ingredients can be purchased individually, in kits, or in refillable containers.  The Molloy’s have been busy expanding their business with additional environmentally friendly products to support zero-waste lifestyles, such as stainless-steel straws and dryer balls.

With the challenges we have all faced during the past few months, the Molloy’s have been focused on developing their website and online presence.  As a result, they have established a new shipping option that provides free local delivery in the area on orders over $35.

With continual growth has come a relocation for the Molloy’s!  Their Cambridge location is now located at 110 Melville St S.  Maintaining their core business of ingredient refill, gift baskets, and DIY kits, they will expand with the addition of a Bubbles Toy and Gift Store for Cambridge.   From unique puzzles to wooden toys and craft kits, this store will have something for all ages, including the popular Kid’s Squishy Soap.  This power-house couple will surely bring Cambridge more eco-friendly items as they now have room to grow!

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