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Meet Our Neighbours: Musical Lives Inc.


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Veronica, Queen's Square | May 12, 2020

Music has always been an important part of my life. I grew up listening to 80’s & 90’s music while roller skating at The Form, where my parents worked (I really did have the Time of My Life). Now I am always looking for that perfect playlist to listen to while I’m cleaning, exercising, or driving. Music is also important to me, because it has the ability to bring people together.

I have had the honour of booking concerts and music programs at our locations for the past couple of years. There is just something about having music played at our locations that adds this sense of warmth and calm to our spaces. It was through our music programming that I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Ying the owner of Musical Lives Inc.

Musical Lives Inc. is a wonderful local business whose vision is Enriching Lives Through Music. Ying is a familiar face in our community. You will often find him teaching adult guitar classes, volunteering at the hospital, or putting on Open Mic Concerts at Idea Exchange. Ying is always looking for ways to help the community through music. When he isn’t working in the community, he is traveling around looking for quality products that musicians and music lovers can rely on.

Musical Lives Inc. is still open for business. Their newly designed website has lots to offer, such as an online store that you can shop from, an amazing resource section, and a list of up-coming events. Musical Lives Inc. will also be starting Pay What You Can online guitar lessons. Ying believes that no one should have to choose between learning music and putting food on their tables. If you are interested in registering for online guitar lessons please email Ying at music [at]

If you are missing our live concerts, then join us for our first virtual Musical Lives Open Mic Concert happening on Sunday, May 24 at 1:00 pm. Please register for this upcoming event!

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Meet Our Neighbour series is all about introducing you to local businesses, makers, and performers, as well as some additional resources from our collection.