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Meet Our Neighbours: Our Inner Sparks


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  • Lily Yan in a field of sunflowers
  • Lily Yan at a microphone

Veronica, Queen's Square | April 9, 2021

Our Inner Sparks is a local social enterprise that was created with the idea that we all have this inner spark within us, we just need to learn how to find it. Lily Yan, is the founder and executive director of Our Inner Sparks, which started up in October 2019. We asked Lily some questions about her business and here is what she had to say.

Why did you decide to launch your business? 

I started Our Inner Sparks to help individuals and organizations ignite their unique sparks and help them harvest their fullest potentials through examining their own ability to grow and transform and in turn use their abilities to be resilient and successful in this ever-changing world and to find their passion and purpose to make an impact in the organizations and communities.

Being a social enterprise, we dedicate a portion of our profit to support social programs such as workshops, panel discussions, podcasts, pro bono services, and network activities to empower and enable people, especially women in need (those in marginalized situations like poverty, disability) with accessible quality development opportunities. Hence every business we do will be WIN-WIN.

What is special or unique about your brand/product/service?  

We offer end to end transformations consulting, workshop facilitations, and leadership development to businesses with our specialized change management, continuous improvement, emotional intelligence, & people development expertise. Organizations can customize their journeys with our modular services where they can compliment their existing transformation capabilities.

We offer aspiration development & leadership coaching to enable and empower individuals to ignite and harvest their own and others' inner sparks to support them in meeting their fullest potentials. We incorporate concepts of growth mindset, emotional intelligence, therapeutic art, and change and transformation management in our services to best serve individual needs. We also offer various guided inspirational products that will keep you motivated and feel empowered on a daily basis.

What is something people in your industry/area have to deal with that you want to fix?

People often want to achieve growth and changes in their lives or organizations without fully understanding the purpose, the problem they want to solve, or the limiting factors that's prohibiting them from growing and changing. This leads to unsuccessful and unsustainable transformation. 

I would like to enable them with proven strategies and techniques to support them through successful and sustainable growth and transformation.

Our Inner Sparks will be hosting a free virtual seminar on Facing The Challenges of Change. This seminar talks about how changes are inevitably happening all around us and impacting our lives whether we like it or not. We can either drown in the challenges and stress we face in these changes or enhance our relationship with change and learn skills that will help us manage through them. This session is aimed to help you take on 2021 with more confidence no matter what comes your way.

Check out our, online catalogue for some wonderful non-fiction books that talk about the importance of self-love. 

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