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Meet Our Neighbours: Rhythm & Blues Committee


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  • Rhythm and Blues Presents Black History Month

Gabrielle, Queen's Square | April 9, 2021

As I opened zoom on my computer to join my very first Rhythm & Blues Committee meeting back in January, I was nervous. I didn’t know much yet about the committee except that they had already been working full steam ahead towards their Black History Month celebrations for February. I had attended last year’s event which happened at our Queen Square location just before the pandemic hit. It was awe inspiring day. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have been worried. As the meeting went on, I was quickly swept up by their enthusiasm and passion.

Community committees like this are frequently the unsung heroes.  All too often no one learns who they are or really understands the hours they put in behind the scenes to make things happen. I want to introduce you to the wonderful members of the Rhythm & Blues Committee who have worked tirelessly to bring a month full of celebration to fruition.

Krysanne McLean is always bursting with amazing ideas. As one of the leads for the Black Girl Excellence Program, her excitement to empower young Black women is nothing short of inspiring.

When Lisa Lewis speaks, you recognize right away her kindness and genuine desire to help her community.  As the co-lead on the Black Girl Excellence Program, her role has been instrumental.

You can count on Jacquie Harris to have insightful ideas and quick praise for the efforts of the group. She makes everyone around her feel valued. Her intentional care can be felt in all the events, prizes and activities.

Marjorie Knight has dedicated her life to her community both professionally and personally. She is an important and fearless advocate for those in our community facing barriers to wellbeing. Her deep community knowledge has helped shape all the events this month.

Colleen James has that rare combination of both vision and hands-on skills. She put together the Paint Night event with artist A. Decker so fast, it seemed effortless. You can also watch her skillfully moderate the Panel Discussion event.

This is community led action at its best. When a group of community members come together with a shared passion and vision for change, amazing things can happen. I am so grateful for the opportunity to join with the other partners - Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre and the City of Cambridge to work alongside these incredible community leaders.

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