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Phil, Queen's Square | February 28, 2020

As a child with a parent experiencing memory loss, finding common ground can be difficult as conversations are often short, pauses long, as frustration rises.

To help bridge the gap between persons with dementia and their caregivers we are launching Memory Kits with materials based on recommendations from the Alzheimer’s Society.

The dementia friendly kits provide activities for person with Alzheimer’s, memory loss and other neurological issues and their caregivers. Each kit comes with 2 to 3 items and can include books, puzzles, games activity aprons, or mats that offer tactile stimulation. Each kit includes a tips sheet to help facilitate positive interaction between the caregiver and patient.

Kits may be borrowed for three weeks and renewed up to two times, and the fines are $0.30 a day. They can be checked out on any card except juvenile and temporary.

To search for Memory kits in the catalogue, use the term “Memory Kits”. You can also search dementia kits, Alzheimer’s, or cognitive disorders.