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Old Post Office

  • Post Office, 12 Water St. South
    Post Office, 12 Water St. South

Megan, Queen's Square | May 18, 2016

Since the announcement about restoring the historic Post Office as a new Idea Exchange location, there has been an increase in interest on what the building will be like when completed. There have been so many different opinions shared from the adult perspective, I think it’s time to hear from the youth perspective in Cambridge.

My name is Megan and I’m a secondary school student from Cambridge. I have been working as a Student Page at Idea Exchange for three years and now I am lucky to be working as a co-op student. My co-op placement in the Outreach and Promotions department allows me to expand my love for writing and to learn more about the business of working. My connection to Idea Exchange goes beyond my work here at Queen’s Square. I have lived in Cambridge my whole life and have been coming to the library for as long as I can remember. As I grow, so does Idea Exchange.

I think the new Post Office project is one of the most exciting things that has happened in Cambridge in a long time. Sure there have been cool opportunities like movies shot in the downtown cores but to me, those are fleeting moments. The Post Office has been here for over a century and restoring it will make sure it is still standing for another century to come.

I’m not old enough to have seen inside the building before it was closed to the public but I can imagine how it will look when it opens again. The fusion of old and new will add an experience to something that now is geared towards people my age.

The top floor as described will be a technology heaven. The Maker Lab will be something you can really grab onto…literally. So many hands-on projects, crafts, and creations are waiting to be discovered.

The Children’s Discovery Centre will truly be a place for the curious. It will be STEM discovery, all the time. I imagine it as a place where kids can become scientists, artists, or anything in between. It will be more than a stay and play kind of place. It will be where kids can learn and create with science, math, art, technology, engineering and so much more.

I am all for supporting local business partnerships. Monigram Coffee Roasters is always a welcoming place and seems like the perfect fit for this new location. I may not drink coffee myself but there is something comforting about the smell. Who wouldn’t want to sit and read in a room that smells like what warm and fuzzy feels?

The teen space is the thing I am most excited about for obvious reasons. We will finally have our very own floor! The basement will have technologies that I never imagined I would get to use in my life. It will be a real space to create. It is going to allow any and all teens to explore something they might have never tried. Something like this could even create job ideas, skills and opportunities. With so many features going into this space, I hope there will be demo nights showing how it all works for beginners like me. Demo nights would really help get that creation ball rolling.

This building is going to be full of so many amazing things, we will experience stepping into the past and the future all at once. For anyone of any age, the Post Office will be a joy to visit and where teens are valued. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.