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Jessica, Hespeler | December 1, 2018

With New Year’s approaching, now is the time many of us start thinking about resolutions. Those things we hope to do when we are filled with the optimism a new year brings. Last year, around this time I resolved to watch one movie a week.  One movie I had never seen before. It didn’t seem that hard and it would give me a chance to watch all those films I’d always intended to see. I only needed to set aside roughly two hours every week for a film, not impossible, right? 

As of this moment, I’ve kept this resolution! I’ve watched one movie a week since the beginning of the year. This pledge gave me a chance to watch all those must-see films and try out some I wouldn’t have made the time for otherwise. They weren’t all great, but there were several gems. Here are a few I loved:

Gifted DVD coverGifted: Chris Evans (of Captain America fame) stars in this emotional family drama.  Frank (Evans) is trying to raise his seven-year-old niece Mary and plans for her to have a normal life.  When Mary starts public school, despite Frank’s warnings, Mary can’t hide her true genius.  A mathematical prodigy, Mary’s talents come to the attention of all the wrong people and Frank has to fight to give Mary the best life.  Evans is fantastic in this role and the young actress who plays Mary (McKenna Grace) is riveting on screen.  Emotionally impactful, yet graced with humour, this is a film you should make time to see.
Ferdinand DVD coverFerdinand A great film for the whole family.  Ferdinand is a bull and while all the other bulls want to fight in the ring and earn their fame, Ferdinand hates violence and would rather smell flowers.  When Ferdinand’s size draws the attention of a fierce matador, Ferdinand has to decide if he should listen to his heart, or become what he is expected to be.  Filmed with brilliant colours and beautiful scenery, this animated tale has a lot of heart.  It’s funny throughout and one of my favourite scenes happens when Ferdinand, the bull, unexpectedly finds himself in a china shop!  Based on the book The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.
Your NameYour Name:  This anime film doesn’t come from the well-known anime giant Studio Ghibli, but it is one of my all-time favourite movies now.  Beautifully animated with a story that will stay with you, this is one you should check out even if you’ve never watched an anime film before.  There’s an English audio track for those of you that don’t want to read subtitles.  The basic premise involves two teens, Mitsuha and Taki who are brought together in a strange way.  Fate has something in store for them and together they are given the chance to stop something catastrophic from occurring.  Highly recommended!
Birdcage DVDThe Birdcage:  This movie holds up surprisingly well considering the year it was made.  Featuring the comedic talents of Nathan Lane and the late, great, Robin Williams, this film could easily be made today.  When gay nightclub owners Armand (Williams) and Albert (Lane) find out that their son is getting married, they prepare to meet his fiancées parents.  The only problem: Her parents are ultra-conservative and her father (Gene Hackman) is a Senator running for re-election.  Worth seeing for the scenes between Nathan Lane and Robin Williams alone! 

What better time than New Year’s to start something new like watching one movie a week?  It’s even easier with our new movie streaming service Kanopy which allows you to stream 8 films a month for free with your library card.  What are you waiting for?  Movies await!