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Pamper Your Pooch


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  • Dog on couch wearing sunglasses and drinking a tropical drink

Jessica, Preston | November 1, 2019

We don’t deserve dogs. Our four-legged companions show us unconditional love and loyalty, they greet us with tail wags when we come home, and they protect us from danger on a daily basis (from monsters like squirrels and the mailman). If you want to treat them the way they deserve, it’s time to pamper your pooch!

Do dogs NEED clothes? Not usually. Is it adorable when they’re dressed up like little people? Absolutely. Make sure your pets are the most fashionable ones at the dog park by knitting or sewing them some sweet threads. Browse our collection of doggy clothing patterns to get started.

Book cover of Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits by Jull Bulgan Book cover of Top dog knits by Jil Eaton Book cover of Seamless knits for posh pups by Sharon Sebrow Book cover of Dress up your dog by Emma Angel

Do your dogs tend to stare longingly at your dinner? Maybe their kibble just isn’t doing it for them. Borrow one of our doggy cookbooks and treat them to some delicious home cooking. It’s probably healthier than the store-bought stuff. And everything tastes better when it’s made with love.

Book cover of Good food cookbook for dogs by Donna Twichell Roberts  Book cover of Cool pet treats by Pamela Price Book Cover of The doggy bone cookbook by Michele Bledsoe Book cover of Better Food for Dogs by David Bastin Book cover of Real food for dogs by Arden Moore

Beyond making them smell better, grooming your pets yourself can be a great way to bond with your dogs. Borrow one of these great grooming guides to get started.

Book cover of The everything dog Grooming Book by Sandy Blackburn  Book cover of Dog grooming for dummies by Margaret Bonham  Book cover of Groom your dog like a professional by Peter Young  Book cover of Guide to home pet grooming by Chris C. Pinney 

If you’re crafty and you want to celebrate your love of all things doggy, there’s no shortage of projects to try (for humans and for dogs), from dog collars to toys to works of art! Borrow one of these great craft books for some inspiration.

Book cover of DIY for dog lovers by Kat Roberts   Book cover of Edward's menagerie dogs by Kerry Lord Book cover of Pet portraits by Lorraine Gray Book cover of Knit your own dog by Sally Muir  Book cover of The dog lover's book of crafts by Jennifer Quasha

You can give your dogs any number of things, but what your dogs want most of all is for you to spend time with them. Try teaching them a new trick or engaging them in a game. It’s fun for both dog and human, and (perhaps most importantly) your dogs will be able to impress all your friends at your next party! Browse our collection of training and activities guides to take playtime up a notch.

Book cover of 101 fun things to do with your dog by Alison Smith Book cover of 101 dog tricks by Kyra Sundance Book cover of The trick is in the training by Stephanie Taunton Playtime for your dog by Christina Sondermann

How do you pamper your pooch? Tell us in the comments below!