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  • "Mana D'oro" series. 2017. Photo Credit: Sara Angelucci
    "Mana D'oro" series. 2017. Photo Credit: Sara Angelucci

Iga Janik, Curator of Contemporary Art | April 5, 2017

What’s good in Hamilton right now?

Sara Angelucci’s latest project, currently on view in Hamilton, is an ambitious undertaking bringing together people and ideas that rarely share the same space.

Bridging contemporary art, labour, immigrant stories, and craft, Angelucci, a Hamilton native, presents a rich project just down the street from us. “Piece work” on exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton weaves stories and labour of immigrant workers at Coppley Apparel which has been making men's suits for more than 130 years. Highly skilled yet utterly invisible women, mostly immigrants, who make fancy suits for visible men take centre stage in the exhibition, particularly their hands and personal stories. "I wanted people to be able to tell their own stories, because people's histories are complicated. And intimate," she said. "And we make these assumptions about who people are and that's a huge mistake." (Quoted from the article)

I’m looking forward to visiting Hamilton and seeing this in person. If you haven’t come across this story so far, here is the link