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Practice Your English: Meet the Volunteers!


Services for Newcomers

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Shannon, Queen's Square | March 2, 2022


You’ve made a new life here in Canada: found a home, a job, a school for your children…now onto learning English – and don’t you miss connecting with others? We can help with that!  Practice Your English programs are a great way to improve your English-speaking skills, in a fun, casual environment. Forget grammar lessons and homework, when we meet to talk about things that matter most, and wow, does that build confidence! And how do we do it? With an awesome team of friendly and welcoming volunteers! Here is what some of them have to say about our program:

Kim, retired teacher:
“My favourite activity is when we play games together, although I also really enjoy when the students share information about their country of origin. Even in the Breakout Rooms, I love when they speak about their homeland because I find they are very comfortable (for the most part) and will speak quite a bit more.” Kim Palazzo.

Mike, retired teacher
“I would recommend our Practice Your English meetings wholeheartedly to anyone who is new to this country and wishes to learn English.  It provides any newcomer to Canada with a practical and friendly environment to learn and practice English. During COVID it has been very tough to meet people face-to-face and our Practice Your English sessions gives us this opportunity.  It is often a very uplifting and rewarding experience and is a highlight of my week.”

Will, retired Electrical Engineer
“I really enjoy the Break Out room time. It is good to talk one on one, or one on two. I love hearing their perspective on the different topics”

“I have met lovely people whom I have great respect for in their endeavors to begin life in a new country, learning another language… Volunteering at the Practice Your English sessions is something of a new challenge to look forward to each week.”

Shubham, high school student and newcomer to Canada
“It has been really difficult to get some time to socialize with friends during the pandemic and I am grateful for the Practice Your English sessions to keep me sane through those difficult times.” Said “I enjoy talking with the participants and getting to socialize with them and laugh with them. I remember that one hour and fifteen minutes throughout the week.”

Nancy, a library technician
“My favourite part of the sessions is when two of the participants help each other out in expressing a concept or idea. If one is a stronger English-speaker than the other, they understand how difficult it sometimes is to find the correct word or phrase to express yourself. Everyone is patient and understanding.”

Elaine, retired ESL instructor
“It is especially wonderful to share the lives of the learners. They come with such courage to new culture and have such great insights from the culture they grew up with - amazing! With restrictions on gatherings, travelling, etc. it has been hard to face every day (think Groundhog Day), being the same. Now I am looking forward to being able to meet everyone in person!”