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Pride Flag Mural



  • A person holds up a pride flag against a blue sky

Shannon, Queen's Square | June 1, 2022

Created by teen volunteers, for teen volunteers, our next take-home volunteer project celebrates diversity with a proud shout out to our LGBTQ2S+ community members.

Our PRIDE FLAG mural project invites you to create a rainbow of expressions of solidarity, inclusion, love and of course PRIDE.

You can stop by an Idea Exchange location on one of our two pop-up days to decorate and submit your project – or you can simply grab the envelope, take it home to complete then return it.

In the envelope you will find six color splashed cards, one for each of the six colors in the traditional PRIDE flag. You will also find directions, and the submission form to assist us in logging your volunteer hours.

Your task: Help us build a PRIDE FLAG MURAL for our Old Post Office location. Decorate the inside of each card with images and messages of love, acceptance and PRIDE in the color splash on the border. For example, the one with the purple splash can include all shades of purple inside, and the one with the red in all shades of red. Use watercolors, markers, crayons or collage, go for words or images, or a combination of both. Whatever spreads the message of love, inclusion, diversity and PRIDE!

When you are done, return the cards, and a completed submission form, in the envelope. Your hours will be posted on VICNET, or you will receive an email confirming your time to share with your school.

Thank you to the amazing teens who planned this project: Quinn H. Eyshah U., Eisha A. Julia D. and Matthew O. Great job!