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Megan, Queen's Square | January 14, 2022

With public spaces reopening and Idea Exchange settling back into regular hours, we’re getting closer to a new version of normal. It’s wonderful to see members returning to work, study, relax and play at our libraries again.

One sign of the return to everyday life: the ProQuest database provider will conclude its special pandemic extension of remote access to Ancestry Library Edition on Dec. 31, 2021. Starting in 2022, Ancestry Library Edition will return to being available for use only at Idea Exchange locations.

Come visit us at your library to get started digging into your family history or to continue investigating long-buried roots. Idea Exchange staff is here to help with your research and to recommend additional resources for answering family history questions. We’re excited to see you again and look forward to assisting you with the remarkable historical materials available on Ancestry Library Edition.