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Step by Step Planting for New Gardeners


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  • Provider Bean seed packet
    Step One
  • three pots full of soil for gardening
    Step Two
  • pot full of soil with measuring stick sitting across the top
    Step Two
  • bag of potting soil beside a pot full of soil
    Step Three
  • gloved hand holding and breaking up a clump of soil
    Step Four
  • three pots full of soil showing holes made for seed planting
    Step Five
  • soil showing covered planted seeds
    Step Five
  • watering can pouring water over seeds in soil in planter
    Step Six

Tina, Preston | June 22, 2020

Hi! My name is Tina and I work at Idea Exchange, Preston. I recently joined our Seed Library and was very excited about our OSOC (One Seed One Community) initiative. Of course, it looks very different now! We are unable to plant the Provider Beans in our garden behind the library BUT that hasn’t stopped us! Several staff members, myself included, are planting them at home. I have to admit to never having planted vegetables before, so I was a bit leery at first to have to do this on my own. This may be new to you too – we are all in a unique situation – and if I can do it, you can too! To make it very simple, here is my step-by-step method for new gardeners. The steps below match with a photo above!

  1. Get yourself a package of Provider Beans. Call Idea Exchange, Preston at 519.653.3632 to request pick-up of free seeds.
  2. Find some appropriately sized containers (I’m using ones I usually used for flowers). Mine range in size. One is 19 cm (7.5 inches) high to 25 cm (10 inches) in diameter. A couple of others are 27 cm high and 22 cm wide. Put in a sunny area OR if you have a sunny garden area, wonderful!
  3. Buy some potting soil if you need to. Luckily, the garden centres are open again and I went today. It was a bit scary since I haven’t been out to a store in a while, but it was a very good experience. The set up was very sanitary and orderly. It only took me half an hour in total and I bought some flowers too!
  4. Fill your container with soil breaking it up as you go. Or break up the soil in your garden area.
  5. Using a stick or your fingers, make a hole 2 -3 cm deep (about an inch) in soil and drop in seed. I put 2 seeds in each container. (5 containers in total for me)
  6. Water generously. Then keep watering regularly – depending on the weather.

I hope this has been helpful. As I stated before, I’m new to this so I hope they grow! I’m anxious to see those purple flowers in about 5 weeks and the first beans in about 7 weeks!

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